101\'st Wolfpack mobilisation - July 14, 2006, 1:10 a.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings Ladies and Gentlewolves! 8-)

After receiving an S.O.S. from one of our allies and assessment of the threat, High Command hereby announces full mobilisation of the ANS Europa and all of her pilots.

A pirate alliance, according to the latest field intelligence consisting of atleast 10 seperate pirate clans, has been reported to wreak havoc in Sirius and has begun raids against Wolfpack allies.
Even worse, atleast one of the clans has openly declared war against us!

This threat has to be stopped, the Wolves will fly once again!

<i><b>Long Live the 101'st Wolfpack!</b></i>

<center><img src="/media/news/WIP2.jpg" border="0"></center>
All pilots will find further tactical info inside our forums. Please check it out. :)