A new wolf in the pack - April 9, 2006, 12:28 a.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings everyone 8-)

Today it was once again time for promotions :-)

I am both happy and proud to announce the promotion of the following pilots:

<img src="http://101st.info/Freelancer/vwar/images/flags/fr.gif" border="0"> <b>Goulgag</b>, to the rank of <i>Warrant Officer 3rd Class</i>!
<img src="http://101st.info/Freelancer/vwar/images/flags/ve.gif" border="0"> <b>Typhoon</b>, to the rank of <i>Midshipman</i>, thereby entering the first of the white ranks and earning his officer wings!
<img src="http://101st.info/Freelancer/vwar/images/flags/es.gif" border="0"> <b>Erattiaan</b>, to the rank of <i>Flight Commander</i>!
<img src="http://101st.info/Freelancer/vwar/images/flags/ug.gif" border="0"> <b>Lost Phoenix</b>, to the rank of <i>Lieutenant Colonel</i>!

Congratulations pilots, you all earned it 8-)

That is not all however, for today we also welcome a new pilot in our midst:


Welcome to the pack, young wolf! may you enjoy your stay with us. :-O

<center><img src="/media/news/101st.gif" border="0"></center>