Get the party started..... - April 6, 2006, 11 p.m. WP_Chemo
101st WolfPack

My dear Ladies and ....well Ladies ^^

Last saturday, the 101st celebrated their 6th Anniversary and like always, u can imagine what a hell of a party it was :D

The Pack and their long time allies OEG assembled on the AoS Server Freelancer Paradies
Of course, while being on the AoS server, the Pack and the rest of the party-company was completed by some of the AoS forces

After the revelation of both, the planet Lupercus and the Saxxon´s Pride, the REAL party took place ^^
Unfortunately I couldn´t participate in the fightings due to some intense drinking of booze with naked chicks.....(booze =herbal tea minus naked lol)
but I´ve been told that it was one of the best birthday-parties ever :)
I can tell by checking the screenshots Melle kindly provided BUT unfortunately, I still don´t know how to upload those damn shots, so I fear, those of u who couldn´t make it to the party will have to listen to the stories which are already LEGENDARY :P or wait for Aesth to upload them himself or giving me advise :P

ANYWAYS, the short time I WAS there, I was delighted to see so many old friends and I´d like to express my gratitude

Gudrun, u said that the OEG cannot imagine how a clan can stay together and successful for 6 years and I tell u what, beside the fact that the pack is and has always been a group of friends, the most important key to that success are the friends who have supported us throughout all these years :)
so let me thank u and the rest of OEG for becoming our allies and friends!!
u are only just as good as the ppl who support u ;)

well thats just something i wanted to add, and i think the rest of the guys would agree to that.....i surely hope they do :P

one last thing though, on the following sunday, the AoS hosted a Racing contest at their track in theta

well, i didnt mention it before because we all screwed up lol era only made pfft i dunno, the 4 zillionth place :P aesth got something between 4th and 6th and me...well...I disappointed the entire pack and am ASHAMED to announce that i was only able to score 3rd :P

finally i´m the best WP something nobody gives a damn abt lol GREAT :D

allright allright, thats it for now :) I´m sorry guys, but I´m enjoying those news too much I think hehe Chemo´s wisdom spread out to far away galaxies where no men has gone before....and russia :D

keep the spirit up and running ladies


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