Award - April 2, 2006, 1:48 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings all :-)

Most of you have seen the Saxxon's Pride by now, the new home of the Wolves. 8-)

Creating this masterpiece would not have been possible without one certain WP though... The work took many months, but he worked on the base all that time, solving problems and expanding the possibilities. :-)

Without him, the base definately wouldn't look as magnificent as it currently does. This person is <b>Typhoon</b>, and I am proud to give him the righest award any Wolfpack pilot can receive:

the <b><i>101st Flying Cross</i></b>!

<img src="/media/awards/andre.gif" border="0">

Congratulations Typhoon, you definately deserved it! :-O