Promo\'s and medals - March 11, 2006, 10:33 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings everyone :)

Today we had a few good pilots who received recognition for their great work in WP and in space :-O
These are the lucky ones: :-O

<img src="" border="0"><b>Goulgag</b>, who is promoted to <i>Private First Class.</i>
<img src="" border="0"><b>Typhoon</b>, who is promoted to <i>Chief Warrant Officer.</i>
<img src="" border="0"><b>Erattiaan</b>, who is promoted to <i>Commander.</i>
<img src="" border="0"><b>Lost Phoenix</b>, who is promoted to <i>Commodore</i>, and thereby archives his first blue rank! 8-) Congratulations! :-O
<img src="" border="0"><b>Chemo</b>, who is promoted to <i>Rear Admiral</i>, congratulations for reaching the admiral ranks! 8-)
That is not all though :-O
I am proud to present the following pilots who earned a medal:

<img src="/media/awards/101st_Gold_Star.jpg" border="0"> the <b>101'st Gold Star</b> is awarded to <b>Goulgag</b>!

<b>Erattiaan</b> and <b>Lost Phoenix</b> have also earned a medal, who will be awarded as soon as the medal section of the new memebr system is fully operational again ;-)
Congratulations everyone! :-)