News Februari 25th 2006 - Feb. 25, 2006, 9:51 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings everyone :-)

The raids we have conducted the last few weeks are going according to plan, and the results are quite statisfying :-O. In Fact, we have decided to step up the raids! 8-)

High Command has some very nice plans ready that will be put in action the coming weeks by our Executive Officer, Shadow. :-)

This week we also saw some promotions, the following pilots are the lucky ones:
<img src="" border="0"><b>Goulgag</b>, for his fast learning aswell as his great combat abilities, to the rank of <i>Private</i>!
<img src="" border="0"><b>Kadonar</b>, for his exellent activity in Wolfpack raids and fights, to the rank of <i>Private First Class</i>!
<img src="" border="0"><b>Shadow</b>, a promotion he has long be waiting for and wich he has definately earned, to the rank of <i>Vice Admiral</i>!

This isn't all though... For fighting against enemies of the Wolfpack for the first time, I have the pleasure to announce that the following people receive a medal:
<img src="/media/awards/Purple_Heart_Medal.jpg" border="0"> the Purple Heart, for <b>Goulgag</b>, <b>Kadonar</b> and <b>Wougz</b>!

And there's more: command of the wings have changed hands aswell! ;-)

<b>***Defenders wing***</b>
<b>Maniac</b> is now Wing commander
<b>Rosethorn</b> is now Executive Officer

<b>***Raiders wing***</b>
<b>Erattiaan</b> is now Wing Commander
<b>Lost Phoenix</b> is now Executive Officer

Congratulations everyone! 8-) And Keep up the good work! :-O