First decade of 101\'st Wolfpack existence - April 1, 2010, 7:32 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings ladies and gentlewolves!

Today is a special day... not just because it happens to be April the 1st, but also because, on this day and the month of April, we celebrate the 10th year the 101'st Wolfpack is present amongst the digital Universe. 8-)

That's right, folks. For the last decade, we have been travelling the stars, skimming the asteroids and waging deep space and planetary surface wars in your favorite game's local neighbourhood. 8-)

I am honored to say thanks to all the Wolfpack members, friends, allies, enemies, victims, innocent bystanders, arch enemies and damsels in distress that made our games such a rich experience for all of us, and wish all of you the very best. May we enjoy each other's company of for at least the next 10 years to come. :-O
I wish everyone a great deal of fun today, on the 2nd Lustrum of the clan!

And just for confirmation: this is definately NOT an April the 1st joke, as will be confirmed in the newspost tomorrow. ;-)

As a special treat, I offer you a look into the past: the intro of that first game where it all started all those years ago. :-) That legendary game named Starlancer. Ahh nostalgia...
Also, for the WP's, there is a link on the forum where you can download the clanmovie version made by WP Blackwolf several years ago.

Long Live the 101'st Wolfpack!

Potestas sine disciplina nihil est.