Idiots - Aug. 21, 2003, 2:46 p.m. Crying Devil
101st WolfPack

Greetings Ladys and GentelWolfs
I allways sayed it "The world is full of idiots" but WHY to hell they must join now all Elite?
Today 6am a few Notec fought with 3 LFF guy's and i thought it would be nice to watch. I told them that im not there to fight but NOO what they do, this heros must attack me without any reason. So i started to help the Notec guys. We killt LFF so often i can't count it anymore :-O. After a while they tryed to escape to Alpha and we followed them, that was the beginning of a Chicken run like i haven't seen before. lol
We hunted them from Theta to Alpha, Tau37, Tau23, Tau31, Leeds, New London to Dublin in this time we kicked them so damn nice was really fun :-O Than Elite crashed and a RN and I hunted them alone they outnumbered us but still were to incompetent to get us.
Take care with there leader [LFF]Professor_Chaos a very dumb person with a penis complex.I think he have reconfigurated his F1 button to the fire button every time he tryed to fought he F1 out of the fight *rofl*.
But that didn't saved his little ass. The 2 others nearly allways hided. Was BETTER for THEM. After we hunted them from Dublin throught Liberty to Stutgart and killt Chaos again a few times they left the server.
What a shame ^-^ 1 - 0 for the good guys.. US <img src="" border="0">
Much thx to the guys from the Voice clan they helped us too.
Was a nice teamwork from Notec NEO WP LD RN and Voice against this fools.<hr>How stupid people must be to fight against every important clan on Elite ? o_O
All WP pilots have the permission to kick the shit out of that guys, how often you want.