Another year passed. - Dec. 31, 2005, 9:37 a.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greeting Ladies and Gentlewolves! 8-)

Within a number of hours it will be the year 2006. Yet another year has passed and WP is still around as strong as ever. :-O

We can look back on yet another year in wich a lot has happened, both good and bad.
When looking back on this year, we saw the shortest clanwar in our history against RAG, who left the server after just two days of intense fighting. We saw the return of several old Wolves coming back to the Pack, we saw several old friends without a clan joining up, and we found new homes to call our own. :-)

We also saw a sad little hacker trying to harm us, and a certain paranoid person thinking we plotted to destroy his server. A server we don't even play or have anything to do with, not would we want to...
But alas, I fear the Arab-Israƫli peace process is easier to solve then trying to make that person understand this.

It was also a year in wich we experienced lots of fun with our allies, in particular OEG, who once again hosted a number of interesting and funny events on their great server, and continue to be good friends with whom it is always good to talk, fly or duel. ;-)
I also want to thank all the other clans who almost immediately offered to assist us when the news of the little hacker spread, and it's good to see there is still a tight and helping community out there.
I wish OEG and all those other clans a Very Happy Newyear, and I hope we will have the pleasure of flying alongside them for many years to come! :-O

<b><i> A Happy Newyear everyone and may we see many more!</i></b>

<b>Long Live the 101'st WolfPack!</b>