Freelancer-Athlon, Part 2 - Nov. 6, 2005, 10:26 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings everyone! :-O

Today, the Freelancer Athlon continued again, after a week pause.

We started in Tau 29, with an FL-focussed Trivia. After a number of questions, Team Beta catched up with Team Alpha and the stand was 19 – 19 by the time we moved on to Planet Harris in Tau 31. There, Era made the error of already looting the wrecks necessary for the mission while I was still explaining and before we started, so the mission there was cancelled.

In the meantime, the server began to play up and we had quite a bit of red lag and the occasional crash, but we decided to continue.

Next up was a race to Luxury liner Shetland, gloriously won by Team Beta, bringing the stand to 19 – 21. 8-)

By then the lag became so bad we decided to go to the chat and start on the WolfPack-focused Trivia. By the end of the trivia Team Beta had kept the lead with a nice score of 27 vs 25 for Team Alpha. However, since people needed to go by now and the server still didn’t work properly I decided to give one last 5-point question instead of the planned race and duel. I had to improvise it though so when I told them to “give me the number of medals Crying Devil and Hellfire have combined, I didn’t realise it would become so much trouble... :O

As it turned out, Hellfire was very difficult to find in the Freelancer section and since members have a different number of medals in different sections another solution had to be found...
In the end, Dragonfire got the idea to check in the Member System instead, and found out the right number was 50! (28 from Dev + 22 from Hellfire). And although Dragonfire came up with the right answer I decided to scroll back in the backup of the chat I had made for the last question, and found that Erattiaan was the true one who said the right number first:

[Era] 10:43 pm: 49
<b>[Era] 10:43 pm: 50</b>
[[WP]Maniac] 10:44 pm: 46 + 3 Clusters

Congrats Era :-), and with that, Team Alpha takes the lead with 30 – 27, and I personally apologise to everyone for the somewhat chaotic ending...

Also, from now on, new rules are in place regarding the ranking system, I will post the complete list of changes tomorrow evening in the forums.

Good day everyone! :-)