101\'st WP Freelancer-Athlon - Oct. 30, 2005, 11:22 p.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

Greetings everyone! :-O

As you all know, today we started our Freelancer Athlon. After two weeks of preperations the hour had finally arrived! 8-)

We started off with a short team-duel in Gamma, one group launching from Crete, the other from Tripoli.
After 3 heavy fights, Team Alpha emerged victorious and earned their first 5 points.
They quickly strengthened their lead in the next mission, a short but quick race to planet Gammu, earning another 3 points.

Change came when both teams started from Freeport 9 to search the system for the missing pilot, who was in the end found by a member from both parties at pretty much the exact same time, thus earning both teams points, and in the subsequent race to Falkland base in Tau 37, wich was won by team Beta. It saw many hilarious moments when people were blocking jumpholes by docking as slowly as possible to let their other teammates catch up :-O, but in the end everyone got there safely.

Next up was a mining contest, where the teams would start from Freeport 10, race as fast as possible to the coordinates in Tau 23 where Berylium can be mined (wich, as an extra treat, was surrounded by a minefield 8-)), to mine 5 units of berylium and then ship it as quickly as they could to Freeport 6 in Tau 29. Due to a small communications error some people were mining the wrong place, and Team Alpha ultimately won this race. :-)

At this point we were preparing to start the Freelancer-Trivia part, when we noticed the time and some members had to go... so it was decided to pauze the Freelancer-Athlon for now and continue next sunday.

End score: Team Alpha 12 points, Team Beta 9 points. Well done guys! 8-)

PS: Anyone who could'n't make it this time but want to participate next time, head over to Freeport 6 in Tau 29! We are barely halfway the Athlon and there are still many points to gain, and some new contests to hold ;-)
Also, now that there is a pauze anyway, I might decide to alter the schedule a bit and plan in some extra challenges ;-)

Next sunday 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CEST will be when we resume the game with a Freelancer-focused Trivia... be prepared! 8-)