VICTORY - Sept. 3, 2005, 1:15 p.m. WP_Chemo
101st WolfPack

Fellow Ladies and Gentlewolves ^^

It´s 2 weeks now since the last fights on Hannover have come to an end and yet another SENSELESS but NECESSARY war ends.
The RAG and many of their freelancing allies thought they could be the bigger men here but ONCE AGAIN we proved em wrong :D
After a week of fierce and intensene fighting, we grew stronger in POWER and in NUMBERS so that they couldn´t deny our overwhelming presence anymore!
One week of flaming, whining and accusing us of cheating (LOL i LOVE those kids :D) has been given back to the RAG in one big and DEVASTATING mayhem MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Come on guys, did u REALLY REALLY think u could beat us by showing up 4 days, fighting some massfights and then all of a sudden, disappear again?

EVEN NEO and the TEMPLER showed more effort to kill us lol
Seriously RAG, this was a DISASTER and a LOUSY performance u showed us lol
It´s almost, well....insulting to fire us up and then leaving after the first beating u get hehehe

but hey, what the heck, yet another clan-tag to pin on our Eagles :D

Bottom Line here is surely the embarassing situation the RAG called "WAR" lol for they haven´t seen anyone before i guess :P really, if u call this a war, u should visit us a bit more often ;)

Long speech-no sense :P The brave men and women of the 101st WolfPack yet again, faced a thread, united for a common goal and KICKED THE HELL OUT OF THEM :D

VERY well done ladies ^^ u make me proud being a wolf and i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say


Long live the 101st ^^

Lt.Col. Chemo ^^