WAR, Promo\'s and Medals - Aug. 7, 2005, 12:16 a.m. [WP]Aesthir
101st WolfPack

ATTENTION all WolfPack Pilots! 8-)

After several skirmishes with them in the past and reports of turn mods, we have decided to declare WAR on the clan called RAG on German Freelancer Hannover!

All WP Pilots are hereby cleared to engage any RAG within sensor range and respond against them with any force necessary.

Let our victories speak for us, and let us add one more to the list! :-O

<center><img src="/media/news/WIP2.jpg" border="0"></center>


Also, the following players have been promoted and/or awarded a medal: :-)

<b>Erattiaan</b> has been promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, and received the Medal of Valor and the Epsilon medal.
<b>Rosethorn</b> has been promoted to Midshipman and has thus acquired his officer wings.
<b>Damon</b> has been promoted to Flight Captain and has received the Medal of Combat.
<b>Typhoon</b> has been promoted to Private and has received the Purple Hearth medal, the 101'st Gold Star and the Legion of Merit.
<b>Lost Phoenix</b> has been promoted to Flight Commander.
<b>Chemo</b> has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
<b>Arctan</b> has been promoted to Flight lieutenant.

Congratulations pilots! :-O