WAR - June 28, 2005, 2:17 a.m. Crying Devil
101st WolfPack

<b>Greetings Ladys and Gentle Wolves</b>

As everybody saw the Gemini server will go down at the end of the month so we need a new home.
I looked a little bit around and found a funny server with many TARGETS ups pirates on it.<img src="http://101st.info/forums/wp3/images/smilies/boese073.gif" border="0">
"German Freelancer Hannover" it's a nice small server, similar like Gemini was but without any mods.
That alone wouldn't be a reason to go there BUT there is a clan called "-=RAG=-" ex SNAKES and other targets from the past.
They toll people in Theta and Gamma and bash the new people so they are PERFECT targets for us.
I checked the skill level from them. One - two are not such crap like the others but thats all.

Era, DF, Aest and co. shouldn't have a problem to elemiante their aces and we will kill the REST.
Money and weapons are already there a few good friends trade on the server since a longer time.
We only must fly to theta get equipment from our friends and FIGHT.
AoS is there too that means we must play babysitter from time to time... But <b>"SIGH"</b> oh well somebody must take care on them. <img src="http://101st.info/forums/wp3/images/smilies/cooldevil.gif" border="0">
<center><b>Let them FLAME</b> <img src="http://fa-matz.de/se/forum/images/smiles/bossman.gif" border="0"> </center>
Gudrun when you read this sweety tell Hans i wanna speak with him about a few things.