Tourney Results - March 21, 2005, 6:39 p.m. WP_Shadow
101st WolfPack

Late i know but I was unexpectedly busy yesterday and again today

So on saturday was the first Gemini knock out tourney in which there were 3 rounds and then the final. In the final there was {Psycho}*Thorn*, [WP]Dragonfire and Gucken of which the final outcome came:

<b>3rd: {Psycho}*Thorn*
2nd: Gucken
1st: [WP]Dragonfire</b>

So once again proving that WP have the best pilot in the server :-O and closely followed by Erattiaan, Crying Devil and Shadow who were knocked out by the finalists

SO we see a good end to the Tourney for WP and a congratulations to Dragonfire for winning and a congrats to Gucken and Thorn for being runners up :-O

well done to all who took part and well done to [ADMIN]Guardian for keeping SANE after the big arguement lol

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