Birthdays of the month - Feb. 2, 2005, 3:05 p.m. WP_Shadow
101st WolfPack

Well since I'm not around much i thought I'd post it now. It seems that this month we have 3 birthdays in our little family :-O

On the 6th of February we have our dear Chemo! A good friend to myself and our best diplomat ;-). A lot of memories for you I guess, i remember flying with you and against you in SL and I'm glad to fly with you in FL. Truely the saying is true mate "The best pilot with a GTF tag". You do us proud everytime you enter the field my friend. A big thanks to you for being there in my tough moment when no one else was, you know when i mean it meant i alot to me :-). You have been in many battles with me friend, I know all of the WP feel just as god about having you on our side as I do, especially the old SL guys ^^ like you said mate, we have our little competition but we can hide it for these occasions. Happy Birthday mate :-O

Next if i have got the dates mixed up i think we have Aesthir on the 6th of February aswell ;-) tell me if I'm wrong mate but it says 6-2-1986, in England this is 6th of February ;-) You have been a valuable member of WP's team since you came. I've watched you rise through the ranks very fast ^^ almost as fast as me ;-) but not quite. Your help and dedication for us has not gone unnoticed and is a great help and relief the WP and especially the Staff :-O I'm sure Dev would be very hard worked by now without your help friend :-) after all, your work is unbelievable as what he calls you "His right hand" I'm sure you'll get what he means ;-) good work mate, good to see you here with us.

Least but not least we do indead have Kozuka. An old SL pilot who eventually joined the ranks of the mighty WP and has excelled as one of its pilots. Belonging to the Elite Wing the Raiders during his career with us, he still brings in the kills. Your not always active mate but when you are it SHOWS ;-) your a good help to WP, and old friend to some and most likely the envy of others, such skill is not found so often mate :-) keep it up, maybe you'll get that Commodore. ;-)

So a great Happy Birthday to all three of you, may you live with more happiness, more wealth, more ladies ;-) and more BEER ^^ may your stay be long with us and your help to us unmissed and noted. You have made an impact on WP every one of you, and on your special Birthdays we will reflect on this. :-O HAPPY BIRHTDAY again and live long fly proud and have fun ;-)

I'm sure others will congratulate you, this is just one officers opinion