Heroic and Eternal Victory!! - Jan. 30, 2005, 12:52 a.m. WP_Chemo
101st WolfPack

My fellow Wolves

Tonight, after a SERIOUS misunderstanding with the actual fighting-time, WP forces assembled at Crete. Originally it was 10 WP vs 10 AoS but unfortunately, cause of that mix up, we only got 8 Pilots gathered above Crete, the setting of Wp´s biggest Triumph in the recorded history so far!

Once again lead by Devil, Wp forces DragonFire, Stealth, Kozuka, Phoenix, Erra, Aesthir and me were prepared to ride out into battle, not knowing if we would ever return.....

It was obvious that this wouldn´t be a normal battle. Although we have had the better training, pilots and abilities in battle, we knew that the AoS would give us a damn hard time! And we were right, as soon as they got into sight, they unleashed hell!! Literally spoken, gunfire and missiles EVERYWHERE! With great bravery and disrespect for us, AoS flew into battle not caring if they would win, not caring if they would lose ;) Only thing what kept their spirit was the will to prove that their ready for open combat. And hell they ARE

After the first confused seconds, routine took control over enthuisiastic AoS pilots and we gained the upper hand. The first round was won quickly but it seemed that they had become even more eager to kick our asses!

The following Rounds were full of changed tactics and command structures in both parties. We tried to split up in 3 different Teams, have DF scouting the Area ahead, Dev, Phoe, Koz and Erra in the center and Aesthir, stealth and me hiding at the right flank!
AoS seemed to have the right answer for every action we made, but unfortunately their fast re-organizing lasted not as much as they might have hoped it did!

Finally the 10th round was won and the 101st WolfPack achieved it´s Biggest Victory in recorded history tonight! A War/Tourney without losing even a single ROUND!
Very well done my friends and also very well fought fellow AoS Pilots! The honor was ours :) 10-0

We hope to keep the good relations between our 2 clans for practise and training and sharing :) Just as seen after the battle, when AoS and WP forces had a nice little chat above the Crete Docking Ring ;) see for urself that Wars and Tourneys don´t have to be hostile at all :)

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Again GREAT JOB WOLVES and keep up the spirit ^^

Proud chemster :)