tourney - Jan. 27, 2005, 10:30 p.m. Crying Devil
101st WolfPack

Hi my friends

Once more in our long, long history the 101st WolfPack will fight in a tourney.
The old WP leaders Saxxon, Scyther and Cap America always lead the team to the victory but that doesn't count right NOW.
Allways remember:

We have NEVER lost a tourney in 5 YEARS... and we won’t start NOW
The fun will start after the meeting.

<b>The AOS leader and I have a Gentlemans agreement.</b>
We will play 10 Rounds, If the AOS win 1 Round,
then we pay them 50 million CREDITS
and WHEN we win all 10 rounds, they pay us 50 million CREDITS
They WON&#8217;T win even 1 round...
Then we get 50 million from AOS

Two more things my friends:
Firstly I want the MONEY and secondly I want the AOS tag on our defeated clan list. <img src="" border="0">